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10 Frequently asked naming questions

Before working together, clients ask lots of questions about the way we work. So, we’ve written down the 10 questions people ask us most frequently. And the answers you’ve always wanted to know.  #1 – When is it time to start thinking about the name?A name...

Four common misconceptions about naming

We receive a lot of questions about naming. Fun, interesting, logical questions. Some based on reality, some based on misconceptions. And misconceptions need to be cleared. Below are the four most common misconceptions we hear about naming. #1 – The naming drawerPeople say it with a...

Yource – The Story Behind The Name

What an amazing journey it was to create a single consistent brand from eleven separate country websites. We asked Tom, co- founder and CEO of Yource, previously known as flight-delayed.co.uk and vlucht-vertraagd.nl, etc. three questions in The Story behind the Name....