we create names that connect | we create names that connect
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Hello. We’re Sogo.
More importantly, who are you?
We exist to help brands like yours
discover who you are and express
yourself exceptionally, so you can
achieve your boldest goals.

Our services

What we do


Brand foundation

Before you can create meaningful connections with people, you need to know who you are and what you stand for.

We start with your story, digging deep to help you define your brand’s beliefs, personality and positioning. 

This is the strategic and creative foundation for your brand. It’s vital if you want to stand out, move people, and achieve your goals.



“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. The answer? Everything.

We work with you to create a strong name that captures the essence of who you are. To get there, we use the ultimate mix of strategic thinking, creativity and due diligence. It’s part art, part science. 

The right name will help people remember you, recommend you and love you. And it’ll help your brand travel across multiple markets.


Tone of voice

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. How you sound reflects who you are.

We help your brand find its unique voice, discovering the tone, language choice, pace and punctuation styles that will be unmistakably you. 

With a unique, ownable voice, you’ll be letting your personality and point of view shine in every line.

What we’ve done

Showing off our work

We’ve worked with all sorts of clients; from ambitious start-ups to big companies and governments, for brands with national and international ambitions, from company level to products and services. From banking to yoghurt. From the Netherlands to Ghana.

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Our blog

Sharing our stories

Discover news, views and insights from the heart of Sogo.

Our team

Say hello to Team Sogo

We’re a seasoned group of strategic and creative thinkers, united by a love for helping brands express themselves. For more than fifteen years, we’ve worked with agencies and directly with clients, together and independently, right around the world. 


We approach every project afresh, with curiosity, drive and open ears and minds. We’d love to hear about your challenges and help you crack open new opportunities.


Let’s get coffee? In the old fashioned way, or via Zoom.

Our values

What we stand for

Intrigued about Sogo? Here’s a little more about us until we meet:

We’re personal

We’re in this together. We’re personally committed to making your story shine.

We’re strategic and creative

We always unite our left and right brains. It’s fun for everyone, and it gets results.

We’re international

We bring a mix of perspectives to the table. Brands need to travel, and we’re their tour guides.

We’re experienced

We’ve been around for 15 years, working on all sorts of projects, industries, clients and egos.