we create names to connect | we create names to connect
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Hi. We create names.
Because a name is more than just a name.
It tells a story.
About what you do, what you believe in, where you’re going.
You can’t do without a strong name, it’s essential for business success.

What we do


Brand Foundation

It all starts with your story. Your beliefs, personality, voice and positioning form the strategic and creative foundation for the name. This foundation is close to your heart, gives you a competitive edge, resonates with your audiences and drives future growth.



A strong name touches the soul, it represents the essence of who you are. Naming is the ultimate mix of strategic thinking, creativity and due diligence to claim a unique spot in a crowded market place and to work across international markets.



It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

How you sound has a big impact on how people see you. The tone you use, the words you choose and the way you put those words together, reflects who you are. It shows your personality and what’s important to you.

What we’ve done

Showing off our work

We’ve worked with all sorts of clients; from ambitious start-ups to big companies and governments, for brands with national and international ambitions, from company level to products and services. From banking to yoghurt. From the Netherlands to Ghana.

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Our blog

Sharing our stories

Let’s have coffee

And meet the Sogo-ers

We’re a seasoned team of strategic and creative thinkers, loving what we do best: building brands by creating strong names. For more than fifteen years, we’ve worked for agencies and directly for clients, together and independently, in Amsterdam and London or wherever our clients want us to be.

We believe that a strong name – the smallest but closest story to the brand – is essential for business success. Your name represents who you are and makes you connect with the people that matter to you.

Always curious and driven, we’ll make sure you’re ready to start off on a successful journey.

We would love to get to know you and support you with the challenges you’re facing. So let’s have coffee and you can tell us your story.

We’re personal

We’re in this together. We are personally committed to making sure your story ends well.

We’re strategic and creative

We always unite left and right brains; it challenges the project and it’s fun.

We’re international

Different perspectives add value to what we do. Brands travel and we set them up for success.

We’re experienced

We’ve been around for quite a while, working on all sorts of projects, industries, clients and ego’s.