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  – Discover your flight compensation –   With this incredibly ambitious and smart tech-company, we created a single consistent brand from eleven separate country websites, e.g. vlucht-vertraagd.nl, flight-delayed.co.uk and vol-retardé.fr. We defined a future-proof brand strategy and architecture, created the international name Yource and a tagline to...


  - iQualify -   For the leading medical and science publisher, we developed the worldwide e-learning brand I-Qualify to support future doctors in studying for exams and attaining excellence in their field. We spoke to students, teachers and librarians all over the world to develop a sharp...


  – You could've known –   For the European ambitions of Zoover, one of the leading holiday review companies from The Netherlands, we created a more focused international repositioning, wrote a clear and direct tone-of-voice, and developed the sharp strapline You could've known....